Getting Started? 3 Inexpensive Ways to Spread the Word

Congratulations! So many people dream of working from home, but you’re actually going to do it. With all of the things to consider as you get started, have you given any thought to setting up your home office?

Where will you work?

Designate an area in your home specifically for work for better organization and concentration. Kitchen tables are great for answering an email on your laptop while your coffee brews, but shared spaces only work well in the short-term. Paperwork and mail has a way of taking over a work space, so be sure to pick a spot that can be yours exclusively.

TIP: It’s always best to have an office with a door (the front door doesn’t count). There will be times when you need to seclude yourself from the rest of the household and nothing says “please don’t interrupt” better than a closed door.

Where will you keep stuff?

Now that you have an office area, start thinking about where you’ll store all of your paperwork, contracts, bills, etc. File cabinets or closets are perfect for keeping unsightly piles of paper out of the way. Choose a storage solution that locks so that important information remains secure.

TIP: Eliminate paper by going green. Most companies offer paperless billing, which is a great way to be more environmentally conscious. Invest in a scanner so you can keep digital copies of important documents. For extra security, after you scan documents, use a shredder for sensitive materials.

What should you buy?

The important thing to remember when setting up your home office is it’s very easy to get caught up in the process of redecorating an office space and picking out supplies, but be careful that you’re not spending more time setting up your home office than actually running your business. Get the basics, get started on your business and the rest will fall into place!

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