Getting Started? 3 Inexpensive Ways to Spread the Word

Who knew how distracting cable TV could be? And your new iPhone. And the Facebook Newsfeed. And all those cool pins on Pinterest. And the neighbor’s barking dog. And the FedEx guy ringing the doorbell.

Distractions, interruptions, they’re all part of the home-based business owner’s day. It’s just a matter of staying focused while working at home and keeping yourself motivated so that you don’t let life’s constant disruptions get you sidetracked.

Before you think it’s easier said than done, consider these tips that have been helpful to so many of our users:

Plan your day the night before.

Identify your most productive hours and schedule tasks that require solid concentration. Leave the phone calls and Internet research (tagging friends in pictures from the night before is not research) for the times of day that your attention wanders.

Get dressed, for the love of Pete.

While the idea of working in your pajamas is a funny idea, you most certainly won’t be one of those people. Seriously, who really works in their pj’s all day? Give it time, my friend. You’ll get up with every intention of taking a shower and getting dressed, but while you’re making coffee, you’ll turn on your computer, get sucked into what’s happening with Lindsay Lohan and before you know it, it’s noon and you’re still in your robe. And you’ve gotten nothing accomplished.

Nobody said you had to wear a suit, but at least put on clothes you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in. This actually helps you get into a productive, working mindset; nothing says “slack off today” like jammies. And if someone calls for a last-minute lunch meeting, you don’t have to turn them down because you failed your personal hygiene test that day.

Eat breakfast to avoid snacking later.

Grazing is problematic for home business owners, not only for your waistline but for staying focused while working at home. Eat a good breakfast and you’ll be more focused and productive for the rest of the day. Plus you’ll stay full longer and not get sidetracked by an empty stomach and the leftover pizza in the fridge.

Remember that plan? Stick to it.

You took the time to set a schedule for your day, do your best to work within those parameters. Keep a task list so you can see all of the great progress you’re making as well as be mindful of items you still need to tackle. If you find it tough to stick to your plan, make a note of the time of day and circumstances (Are you routinely in a post-lunch food coma? Do the afternoons lull you to sleep? Is the phone ringing off the hook in the morning?). When you plan your next day, take these into consideration and consider how you can work on making tomorrow more efficient
(Eat salad for lunch, go for a walk at 2:00, block off time in the morning just for phone calls).

Take breaks.

You have the flexibility to work from home whenever you want, so enjoy that freedom! But try to resist the temptation of taking a daily two-hour nap. Choose activities that will help you relax but not interrupt your focus and your plan for the day. Take time to move around, workout or go for a walk with a friend. This is especially important to prevent aches and pains commonly associated with working at a computer for extended periods of time.

Staying focused while working at home is a challenge for everyone. Simple tips like these can really make a difference in your productivity and have a positive impact on the success of your business (and the size of your paycheck)!

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